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Remote assistance

When a problem occurs, most customers or operators on site need the assistance of technicians to find a quick and effective solution. But travel times or the unavailability of physically going there can become a problem for urgent situations that require immediate assistance.

BFR Systems allows our technicians to collaborate in real time with you remotely. Thanks to our communications and remote training solutions, our technicians have the ability to provide an accurate diagnostic and visually assist the customer.

Digital Solutions

Let’s anticipate tomorrow’s industry together. Digital solutions make production more flexible, increase productivity and develop new business models. Our connected lines are equipped with supervision and maintenance monitoring tools. We guarantee to our customers to provide them with communication solutions to support them in their projects.

Our desire is to develop new solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.


Our technicians will train your staff on the equipment and will provide after sales services if the necessary.

We have a significant stock of spare parts to ensure fast delivery.

Retrofit & modernisation

Retrofitting involve partially or completely replacing parts of a machine in order to improve performance (speed, maintenance, use...), costs (operation, maintenance) and the standardisation of equipment. Thanks to BFR's expertise in this field the whole machine can be renovated: the electrical, mechanical and automation parts.

  • Renovation of multi-type / multi-brand machines
  • Control of material obsolescence
  • Gain on latest generation hardware efficiency
  • Evolution of the machine
  • Limited financial impact
  • Limited machine downtime
  • Control of Partial Change

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To be in adequation with the production seasonality we offer standard machines to rent (for a short or long term period with option to buy), we will find the solution that will best meet your requirements.

Training Request

BFR Systems is committed to providing your technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to use and maintain our solutions. Our trainers certify quality training.

Educational programs for your technicians or operators using personalized training. In addition to supporting you on site, our digital solutions also allow us to provide your technical training remotely.

Expertise & Audit

Our technical expertise follows you on your industrial projects. Our technical expertise accompanies you on your industrial projects. Study of your production methods and your needs.

Advice on solutions adapted to your structure and your human resources. Technical and methodological advice throughout the project. Quality control, follow-up of non-conformities and implementation of corrective actions.

Technical Support

BFR Systems stands by your side all time thought your project: starting by listening to your needs to the conception and realisation of the solution. We remain at your disposal to test and set-up the devices in your wharehouse.

We commit in:

  • Customized advice
  • Efficient and sustainable solutions
  • Machines made for a daily use
  • Taking into account: ergonomy
  • Security
  • Hygiene and easy change to formats
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