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What if we already know each other?

You have all already consumed products manufactured by our machines without realizing it. From the famous french packaging of Brossard savannas to those of Herta croque monsieur, to the packagings of Babybels, our company is responsible for designing industrial machines and complete lines to convey your favorite "naked" products to their final packaging. We work internationally with food industries all over the world, from the smallest structures to the market giants.

BFR SYSTEMS is a company founded in 1959, with years of expertise that is perpetually renewed to maintain momentum and share its know-how with as many people as possible. Today, more than 170 employees work every day to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. Maybe it's your turn to join the loop?

Let's share our values

100% of managers come from internal promotions

12 years of seniority on average

170 employees across 4 sites throughout France

10% of our workforce consists of apprentices

8 good reasons to join our teams

  • A market in full growth
  • Our openness to international markets
  • Innovation at the heart of our business
  • Home office adapted to each individual
  • To continue to learn to innovate
  • Work/life balance is favored
  • Teamwork
  • Weeks that are not alike

Join our teams at the right time!

Communicator, technician, accountant, salesperson, automation specialist, engineer and much more... You are all at different stages of your life. BFR Systems gives you the opportunity to join the company at the right time in your professional journey: student, recent graduate or experienced. Our teams wanted to testify about their experiences in our company at different stages of their life. You can find offers adapted to your professional project under each portrait.

During your studies

I recently had the privilege of being integrated into BFR Systems. This opportunity offers me many benefits, both for my career and for my personal growth.

At the beginning of your career

What convinced me to come to BFR is the contact with customers. My first trips also reinforced this idea: here, I can highlight my interpersonal skills and be in contact with people. Who knows? Maybe one day I...

To continue evolving

My curiosity and commitment have allowed me, over the years, to cover replacements during vacation periods. In 2004, following the sudden departure of a colleague, the company thought of me to fill this position as quickly as possible: "Stay and we will train you"...

The final words from the management

'' We want to continue to pass on our knowledge, share our successes and show our solidarity in adversity. We believe that the integration of new members into the company is a strength to continue our development. We believe in our French know-how and the skills of our teams. We are convinced that our company still has plenty of opportunities to seize in the industrial world. We hope to see you soon to work alongside you. ''

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